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Product Code: AEOH004

Industrial Palletizer Tri Tech Manufacturer

Mechanically welded fame with protective grille enclosure including:

  • A table with rollers for the supply of the palletizer.
  • A palletization table actuated by an hydraulic lifting jack of diameter 50 mm and secured by a balancing valve.
  • A loading device actuated by a translation hydraulic jack.
  • A table with rollers for the emptying of the pallets.
  • Access to the machine by a door with a door electric contact and a key locking device.

A separated hydraulic power station including:

  • A motor-pump device 0,75 kW, 3 liters/minute, pressure: 80 bars.
  • A tank of 28 liters equipped with a visual level, with thermometer,an air filter, a filling and draining plugs, and a backflow filter.
  • A pressure limiter.
  • A pressure gauge.
  • Three electro-hydraulics distributors.
  • Two flow limiters.
  • A set of hydraulic cables.
  • A set of protective hydraulic plugs.

A control cabinet equipped of:

  • A PLC Schneider NANO including 9 inputs and 7 outputs, a UNITEL WAY port and a RS485 MOD-BUS port.
  • An interactive terminal MAGELIS XBTP, 2 lines of 16 characters and 12 keys functionsA magneto thermal starting and protection system for the motor starting.
  • A safety logic block (PREVENTA or equivalent) to manage the openings of the doors.

Front view

  • A power on light.
  • An emergency stop button.
  • A padlocked disconnecting switch.
  • A power on button.
  • Predisposition for the electric actuator.
  • Predisposition for the pneumatics pre-actuators and the electric actuator.

Technologies of the detectors

  • Opto-Electronic.
  • Inductive of proximity.
  • Safety detection with key for the doors.

Technologies of the actuators:

Hydraulic technology:

  • The equipment is equipped of origin with hydraulic actuators on the loading device and on the palletization table. These actuators can be replaced, respectively, by a pneumatic and an electric equivalent.

Electric technology:

  • The package is provided with a replacement kit of the palletization hydraulic jack (jack of the table) by an electric jack. It is supplied with all the connecting accessories.

Pneumatic technology:

  • The package is supplied with a replacement kit of the table loading hydraulic jack by an pneumatic jack equipped with a flow limiter. It is supplied with all the connecting accessories, an FRL plate with a safety solenoid valve, a pneumatic distributor.

Supplied with the machine:

  • 15 steel plates: thickness 4 – 400 x 400 mm.
  • 15 panels of “Medium”: thickness 20 – 400 x 400 mm.
  • The technical manual.
  • The training manual, dedicated to Maintenance.
  • ” Breakdowns” Kit, including some real, deficient components.
  • 1 deficient hydraulic jack.
  • 1 distributor coil in short circuit.
  • 1 deficient distributor (worn-out slide).
  • 1 deficient limit switch.
  • 1 deficient inductive sensor.
  • 1 deficient safety lock.


  • Subsystems for technological studies.
  • Complementary lift table.
  • Complementary hydraulic power station.
  • Complementary hydraulic Jack.


  • The software communicates in MOD BUS by a RS485 link with the PLC. It allows mainly the access to the parameterization by various application windows and a data historization of the alarms.

Dimensions and weight

  • (L x l x w): 4600 x 1600 x 1700 mm – 450 kg.
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