Hydraulic Test Bench

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Hydraulic Test Bench Manufacturer

Hydraulic Test Bench


  • The basic Hydraulic Bench is of volumetric type and has been designed to provide continuous and controlled supply of water to conduct various experiments using auxiliary modules in typical Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics Laboratory .
  • An ideal service unit for conducting student projects
  • Self contained and fully mobile unit with welded frame
  • Closed water circuit consisting of Measuring Tank, Storage Tank & Centrifugal pump
  • Control valve to regulate the pump and adjust the flow rate
  • Work space on Bench Top has integrated flow channel for flow measurement using weirs and is fitted with stepped edge to ensure safe and easy mounting of experiment modules
  • Suitable pipe connectors are provided in the Bench top to enable easy change of experiments
  • Stilling baffles are provided to reduce turbulence
  • Sight tube with scale provided to indicate instantaneous water level
  • Push button starter provided for the centrifugal pump
  • Power supply includes over-load and under voltage protection


Pump Variable speed centrifugal type

Power : 0.5 KW

Max. flow rate : 100 LPM

20 m head with control panel

Storage tank capacity 180 liters
Measuring tank capacity Low flow : 10 liters

High flow : 50 liters

Level of working surface 1 m above the floor
Bench top dimension 1350 mm long x 750 mm wide
Open channel 750 mm long x 250 mm wide x 170 mm deep
Power supply 220 ~ 240 V AC ±10%, 50/60Hz, Single phase


  • The basic Hydraulic Bench is a very important module and is recommended for all Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Laboratories in Educational Institutions
  • It is a basic module for flow related experiments using auxiliary modules
  • Several experiments in Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics require continuous and controlled supply of water, thus it provides a controlled recirculation water supply to conduct those experiments smoothly
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