Hydraulic Power Generator Training Kit

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Product Code: AECT001

Hydraulic Power Generator Training Kit Manufacturer

This kit, presented in a storage suitcase, contains:

  • All the components constituting the pump,
  • An assembly subset: input shaft, conical roller bearing, clampings and circlips,
  • Spare parts components,
  • The necessary tooling for assembly and disassembly operations,
  • A set of files permitting the realization of practical work.

Theme of practical work:

  • Characterization of the links,
  • Guidance in rotation (smooth bearings and rolling),
  • Tightness and protection of the links.
  • The pieces of this mechanism can also be used like examples for the study of materials.

Supplied documents:

Technical file:

  • Documentation and setting in industrial situation,
  • General Drawing, nomenclature.

Experiment files:

  • Lecturer file,
  • Work station file,
  • Student file (texts of practical work, answers documents and course).


  • Technical and educational file in Word format
  • General drawing achieved with DMT software. Supply of the files in DMT10 version or
  • DXF format (Compatible AUTOCAD),
  • Drawings of the pieces achieved with the 3D CAD Solid Works and Inventor.

Dimensions and weight

  • 560 x 410 x 175 mm – 18 kg.

Last Updated on: 4th Feb 2016

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