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Teaching objectives:

  • Study of the principal elements in an installation of piping.
  • Measurement of pressure losses generated by these various elements by means of manometric panel or/and electronic probe with transmitter.
  • Visualization of the flows in the pressure reducing conduits and orifices
  • Observation of the modes of laminar flow and turbulent according to the flows and pressures

Study of the regular pressure losses of:

  • Piping of various diameters
  • Piping smooth and rough
  • Piping rising, downward and tilted

Study of the individual pressure losses of:

  • Elbows of various angles
  • abrupt increase or reduction of the piping diameter
  • various valves
    Calibration of the pressure reducing orifices (venturi, diaphragm)
    Measurement of the flows by pressure reducing orifices (venturi, diaphragm)
    Determination of Cv of the valves.
  • Technical specifications:
  • Frame stainless equipped with casters, including two brakes
  • A tank in transparent PVC with draining valve
  •  An industrial stainless body centrifugal pump
  • A rotameter
  • A membrane valve for controlling the flow
  • Two pipe sections with diameters of 20 and 25 mm.
  • Two pipe sections with a diameter of 15 mm, smooth and rough
  • A piping with variable slope
  • Elbows with 45°, 90° large and small ray and 135°
  • A widening and an abrupt reduction Dn15-Dn25, in Altuglass
  • A membrane valve
  •  A ball valve
  • A cap valve
  • A diaphragm in Altuglass
  • A Venturi tube in Altuglass
  • A device of dye injection
  • A manometric panel with single and U-tubes.
  • A differential pressure sensor.
  • – A control cabinet on/off of the pump and protection
  • – A set of manual valves
  • – Handbook technical and teaching.

Equipment package:

  • – A manometric panel for the measures of the pressure losses in the main system.
    U-tubes to measure the differential pressures in the diaphragm and the venturi.
    4 manometers for the measures of pressures between the valves and a manometric panel.
  • – A manometric panel for the measures of the pressure losses in the main system.
    A differential pressure sensor for pressures measurements in the diaphragm, the venturi and in valves.
  • – A differential pressure sensor with display for all the pressures measurements.

Options :

  • – Temperature probe and indicator
  • – Programmable indicator for calibration of diaphragm and venturi.
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