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Teaching objectives:

  • Study of the principal elements in a piping installation.
  • Measurement of pressure losses generated by these various elements by means of a differential pressure transmitter.
  • Visualization of the flows in the pressure reducing pipes and orifices.
  • Observation of the laminar and turbulent flow

Study of the regular pressure losses of :

  • Various diameters piping
  • Smooth and rough piping

Study of the singular pressure losses of :

  • Elbows of various angles
  • Various valves
  • Diverging and converging section

Measurement of the flows by pressure reducing

  • Venturi, diaphragm

Technical specifications

  • Frame stainless steel with aluminium nuts equipped with castors, including two brakes
  • A tank of 72 litres in transparent PVC with draining
  • An industrial stainless steel body centrifugal pump
  • 2 rotary flow meters with 2 valves for flow adjustment
  • The various pipes are fed via a full set of 10 directional manual valves
  • Two plexiglass pipe – sections with diameters.
  • Two PVC pipes – sections, one smooth and one rough
  • Elbows with 30, 45, 75, 90 and 180°.
  • A diverging and converging section.
  • A membrane valve.
  • A ball valve.
  • A cap valve.
  • A diaphragm in Altuglass.
  • A Venturi tube in Altuglass.
  • A dye injection system
  • A differential pressure transmitter with digital display for all the pressures measurement
  • A temperature probe with digital display
  • A control cabinet on/off of the pump with safety protections
  • Technical and teaching handbook

Essential requirements

  • Necessary Service Power supply: 380V, 3 phases + N+ G, 50 Hz

Dimensions and weight

  • 2000 X 750 X 2100 mm – 100 Kg


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