Flow Measurement In Pipes Using Pressure Reducing Parts

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Product Code: TPF003

Flow Measurement In Pipes Using Pressure Reducing Parts Manufacturer

Teaching objectives

Pressure losses generated when the water passes through three standardised pressure parts (venturi meter, diaphragm, rotameter) are measured, which allows the fluid flow rate to be calculated and compared with a volumetric measure. Comparison of the pressure drop from each measuring device. Comparison of the pressure drop produced by a sudden contraction and a 90° angled pipe.

Technical specifications

  •  A tank made of PVC, outside level with lateral tapping, draining and overflow for flow measuring,
  • A tank made of PVC with draining,
  • A centrifugal pump,
  • A diaphragm,
  • A venturi,
  • A sudden contraction,
  • An elbow 90°,
  • A rotameter,
  • A valve at the exit of the rotameter,
  • A millimetric panel in PVC,
  • A battery of piezometric tubes with recuperation chute for measuring of the pressures drops,
  • A start/stop box with protection for the pump,
  • The bench is made of PVC piping and Altuglass (Venturi, Diaphragm and elbow) and is mounted on a stainless steel frame.
  • Supplied with educational and technical documentation.

Equipment Package:

  • Valve study.
  • Differential pressure sensor.
  • Programmable indicator for calibration of diaphragm or venturi only.
  • Instead of feeding tank


  • 800 x 600 x1 500 mm

Essential Requirements

  • Electrical power supply: 220V / 50 Hz
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