Enzymation Tank

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Product Code: ATFE005

Enzymation Tank Manufacturer

  • 304 L stainless steel cylindrical tank with double and/or triple jacket.
  • Mounted on 3 wheels.
  • Double jacket for water circulation under pressure and temperature 95°C. Rock wool insulating with welded tight stainless steel jacket.
  • Cover 2/3 welded and fixed 1/3 mounted on hinge. Opening protected by a stainless steel gril for safety.
  • Double-jacket discharge valve.
  • Tank discharge valve.
  • Agitator with motor speed reducer mounted on the fixed part of the cover.
  • Agitator protection and control unit with timer to limit duration of agitation.
  • 2 double envelope ½ male inlets / outlets connections.
  • 2 stainless steel flexible hoses (length 2 m) with 3-part fittings (female / female – 1/2″ 3/4″).
  • 1 exhaust valve to purge the double jacket.
  • Pt100 probe measuring the product temperature and allowing its control. This probe is connected to the heating unit.
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