Digital Trainer Board

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Digital Trainer Board

Product Code: AT803

Digital Trainer Board Manufacturer

Digital  Trainer  Board 

Features :            

High level & high quality digital – analog trainer

Combines all essential function of analog and digital experiment

With removable breadboard, DC power supply, function generator, two pulse switches,

2 1/4 inch, 8 ohm  0.25W speaker and etc.

Technical Specifications :

Solderless Breadboard :

Interconnected with 2820 tie points nickel plated contact, fitted all DIP sizes and all components with lead and solid wire AWG # 22-30 ( 0.3 – 0.8mm )

It can be changed and replaced for different purpose and can be connected with demonstration panel

DC Power Supply :

Fixed DC output : +5V,  1 AMP

Fixed DC output :  -5V,  1 AMP

Variable DC Output : 0V to +15V,  1 AMP

Variable DC Output : 0 V  to 15V,  1 AMP

Potentiometers :

Variable resistor : VR1 = 1kΩ

Variable resistor : VR2 = 100kΩ

Function Generator :

Frequency Range : 1Hz ~ 10Hz,  10Hz ~ 100Hz,  100Hz ~ 1KHz,  1KHz ~ 10KHz  &

10KHz ~ 100KHz

Amplitude :

Sine wave output : 0~10 Vpp variable

Triangular wave output : 0~10Vpp Variable

Square wave output : 0~10Vpp Variable

TTL mode output : 4Vpp

Sixteen Bits Data Switches : 16 Pcs toggle switches and corresponding output point

Two Pulse Switches : 2 Pcs. push buttons contain switches de-bouncer

Speaker : 2-1/2 inch diameter, 8 ohm / 0.5W to be used for load

Four Channel Adaptor and two digits of 7 segment LED display

Sixteen bits LED display : 16 Red LED’s separate for input terminals

Universal connector facility on the panel in order to connect with various universal connectors

Power source : 220 ~ 230V AC, 50Hz, 1 Phase


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