Digital Frequency Counter Meter

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Digital Frequency Counter / Meter

Product Code: AT777

Digital Frequency Counter Meter Manufacturer

Digital  Frequency  Counter / Meter 

Technical Specifications

  • Measuring range : 10MHz, 100MHz, 2500MHz ( 3 ranges )
  • Accuracy : ±(4 PPM + 1d)
  • Time base circuit : 4.194Mhz quartz crystal
  • Display : 0.5” LCD and 8 digits
  • Intelligent Functions : Frequency, Period, Multi-resolution, Data hold, Relative measurem Data record ( Max. Min. Average reading )
  • Input connector : BNC, female
  • Case : Durable and strong ABS plastic housing
  • High sensitivity for VHF and UHF frequency measurement
  • Auto power off and manual power off function
  • Power : DC 6 volt battery
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