Centrifugal Pump Characteristics

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Centrifugal Pump Characteristics

Product Code: AEFM044/1

Centrifugal Pump Characteristics Manufacturer

Centrifugal Pump Characteristics


• Variable speed pump with similar performance characteristics to pump in Hydraulics Bench
• Mounted on floor standing plinth with variable speed inverter drive
• Discharge manifold with flow control valve and pressure gauges
• All hoses and fittings supplied for easy connection to hydraulics bench in either series or parallel configuration
• Educational Software available as an option


Technical Details

Item Value
Pump: centrifugal type
max. head 21m H2O
max. flow 1.35 litres/sec
Motor rating: 0.36kW
Speed controller: PWM inverter
Speed range: 0 to 1500 rpm
Pressure gauge range: 0 to 60m H2O
Compound gauge range: -10 to + 45m H2O

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