Appertization Pilot

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Product Code: ATFE013

Appertization Pilot Manufacturer

Appertization Pilot

Technical specifications

  • Tank
  • GRC bottom.
  • Double wall designed for over-pressured water (4 bars), 140°C, soldered and tight triple wall.
  • 2-bar resistant cover closed by 4 bolts.
  • Opening by swinging the cover.
  • Temperature probe mounted on the cover.
  • Agitator mounted on the cover and equipped with a propeller.
  • The tank is mounted on 3 wheels.
  • Exhaust valve.
  • Double wall circuit exhaust valve.
  • Double wall circuit equipped with a brass brass safety valve.
  • Stainless steel safety valve on the cover.
  • Safety key (level IV) preventing the agitator from starting when the cover is open.
  • Agitator electrical control panel equipped with a timer (sound signal) for cooking time.
  • Heating unit with over pressured water, 140°C, controlled by an external probe located in the tank.
  • 2 stainless steel hoses (20/27) with 2 x 3-part (3 ½” and ¾”) fittings at each ends

Essential requirements

Power supply:

  • 6 kW, 380V 3 P (heating unit).
  • 0,25 kW, 380 V 3 P (tank)


  • Cold water, DN15, 4 bars.
  • Permanent exhaust valve DN15, hot water closed to 100°C
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