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Analog Communication Trainer Manufacturer

Features :

  • To understand the basic theory of Analog Communication System
  • Design & implementation ability training of Analog Modulator & Demodulator
  • To understand the applications of Analog Modulator & Demodulator
  • Descriptions :

Design & implementation of second order active filters and RF oscillators
Design & implementation of AM and FM Modulator & Demodulator

Design & implementation of DSB/SC and SSB Modulator & Demodulator

Design & implementation of TDM and FDM Multiplexer & Demultiplexer

Design & implementation of Frequency converter & signal recovery circuits

 Specifications :

Module One : Second Order Active Filters

Second Order Active Low-pass Filter

Second Order Active High -pass Filter

Second Order Active Band -pass Filter

Second Order Active Band -stop Filter

Module Two : AM Modulator & Demodulator

AM Modulator :  Transistor AM Modulator

MC1496 AM Modulator

AM Demodulator : AM Diode Detector

AM Product Detector

Module Three : DSB-SC and SSB Modulator & Demodulator

DSB-SC and SSB Modulator : DSB-SC Modulator

SSB Modulator

DSB-SC and SSB Demodulator :  DSB-SC Product Detector

SSB Product Detector

Module Four : FM Modulator & Demodulator

FM Modulator : MC4046 FM Modulator

LM566    FM Modulator

FM Demodulator : MC4046 FM Demodulator

LM565    FM Demodulator

Module Five : TDM Multiplexer & Demultiplexer

TDM Multiplexer : Waveform Generator

TDM Multiplexer

TDM Demultiplexer : TDM Demultiplexer

Module Six : FDM Multiplexer

FDM Multiplexer : FDM Signal Generator

DSB-SC Modulated Signal Generator

FDM Multiplexer : FDM Demodulator

FDM Demultiplexer

Module Seven : Analog to Digital Converter

Analog to digital converter : ADC0804 Analog to digital converter

ADC0809 Analog to digital converter

               Function Generator

Ports : Two signal outputs ports

Frequency range : 10Hz ~ 100KHz

100Hz ~ 1MHz

Waveforms : Sine, Triangle, Square, TTL Plus

Amplitude : 10Vpp

Built In 6 digit frequency counter

Large 0.5 LED / LCD display

Overload protection


Triple bipolar voltage outputs

Consultant voltage operation

Low ripple & noise

Constant voltage output : ±5V, ±12V

Variable voltage output : 0V ~ ±15V

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