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Parts of Microscope

Biological Laboratory microscopes are essentials for any veterinary clinic, medical clinic, hospitals or students working a research and for a good best results, high build quality of parts of microscope are most important to look for when you go shopping for microscopes.

ATICOTM Microscopes are well known for their quality and durability. We provide all types of microscope as well as parts of microscope to extend the features.

Microscopes Parts we provide

  • Eyepieces
  • Objectives lens
  • Led Lamp
  • Halogen Bulb

1. Microscope Eyepiece

We have following types of microscope eyepiece available.

  • Huygenian Eyepieces
  • Wide Field Eyepieces
  • Pointer/Micrometer Eyepieces

2. Objectives lens

We provide two types of objective lens for microscopes.

  • Series A: which is corrected for a rear conjugate at 187 mm and 160 mm.
  • Series B: Which is designed with the rear conjugate at infinity.

Both of our objective lens series are anti-reflection coated with MgF2.

3. Microscope LED Light

Our LED light lamps for microscope are designed for to be an excellent companion to various types of microscopes by ATICOTM.  Our Microscope LED Lights offer a great amount of light for microscope when addition light source is required or there is no light at all. These LED light can also be used with Microscope Cameras.

4. Microscope Halogen Bulbs

Our Microscope Halogen Bulbs are used primarily in medical and research microscopes, and optionally on student scopes. ATICOTM Halogen lamps provide white light and the life span of halogen bulbs are very long. Our microscope are fitted with a dimmer, which decreases the heat as well.

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