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Laboratory accidents and first aid treatment for injuries

If you are working in a laboratory then you must aware of the first aid treatment in case of any major or minor incidents. Minor issues can be a major problem for future in case of any carelessness; so always work in the laboratory to keep essential safety instruments handy.

You must be well trained for any chemical reaction or other experiments and must have knowledge about all lab safety rules. Be responsible while working in lab.

We are describing here some Laboratory accidents and first aid treatment for injuries.

Medical Accidents:


  • Keep calm.
  • Initiate lifesaving measures if required.
  • Do not move person unless there is danger of further harm.
  • Call for emergency response.


  • Do first aid.
  • Call somebody for help.

In case of Fire:


  • Move to the vacate place.
  • Trigger the alarm near to your place.
  • Close the door to constrain the fire.
  • Do not use lift to come out from the accidental area.
  • Contact immediately to the emergency personnel.


  • Alert the other people present in the lab.
  • Use the appropriate fire extinguisher and firstly apply it at the base of fire.
  • Try to move from smoke or fumes.

In case of Chemical spill:

Before doing the experiment for any chemical reaction you must aware about the four important facts of matter which are mentioned below:

  1. Reactivity to air or water
  2. High toxicity
  3. Corrosion
  4. Flammability
  • If spilled Chemical is burnable then turn off all kind of heat generated sources.
  • Call for knowledgeable personnel.
  • Close doors to stay away from fire.
  • Always note down the response from chemical reaction whether it spills or not. All lab workers must be updated with the response of a particular reaction.
  • Do not forget to keep all safety equipments and spill clean-up materials.
  • Also ensure that the person involving spill reaction must be experienced. Do not allow untrained personnel to work in lab.

For Biological spill accidents:

  • For Biological spills emergency lab workers should have the following safety equipments.
    1. Disinfectant solution
    2. Forceps, tongs, broom, dust pan
    3. Personal protective equipment (PPE): safety glasses, goggles, or face shield, utility gloves, wrap-around lab coat, shoe covers (optional)
    4. ‘Biohazard’ bag, sharps container
    5. Paper towels or other absorbent.
  • Clean the spill area with a fresh cloth that can soak it well.
  • Keep calm and stay away immediately from the affected area.

Radioactive spill emergency:

  • Allow to work in the lab to only those persons who are well trained.
  • Contact to the personnel who are aware to handle to the affected area.
  • Contact to the radioactive spill emergency.
  • Close doors to prevent from being affected.

What to do for Clothing on fire:

  • Use the safety shower immediately on the infected part of body.
  • Roll the individuals on flame.
  • Call to the doctor or other supervisor who is expert to treat.
  • Rinse exposed area thoroughly with water.
  • Use deluge shower for 15 minutes.
  • Wash the infected part from heat and chemicals continuously 15 minutes.
  • In case of affected large area remove clothing.

Hazardous material splashed in eye

  • You have to rinse eyeball immediately and inner surface of eyelid with water.
  • Do this process for 15 minutes continuously.
  • Don’t scrub your eyes.
  • Report all incidents to the expert or supervisor.

Some other important lab safety rules:

  1. Do not work alone in the lab always do in the presence of lab assistant or teacher.
  2. If you have any doubt or lack of knowledge about any reaction or experiment then take instructions from your teacher or their expert person.
  3. If you are entering first time in the lab then do to touch any chemical or instrument without permission.
  4. Never eat any junk food, drink or other food.
  5. Follow all the safety rules which your teacher or assistant told you.
  6. While any chemical reaction keep handy away from eyes, mouth or other part of the body.
  7. Always wear the safety gloves and lab coat before start the working.
  8. Googles, gloves, lab coat and shoes are essential to wear.
  9. Inform the teacher or other trainer for any incident or injury and keep calm.
  10. Do not taste, or smell any chemicals.

So guys we hope that the points mentioned above will help you a lot. For any other information regarding various equipments you may contact us through email

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