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How to use lab equipments safely

For the persons who work in a lab whether it is Chemistry/ physics or biology, It becomes essential for the guys to be aware about the safe use of various equipments. If we are using the instruments without caring about the proper use then it can be a cause of a major accident.

Negligence while using an instrument can be the activity ‘oh-no!’ so proper care and precautions can be an activity of ‘oh yeah’.  Lab safety is an important task you must do before going for any experiment.

Our inattentiveness for working in a laboratory definitely call the trouble so guys don’t forget to take the requisite training for using the laboratory instruments and also follow the precautions as furnished here under:

Furnaces and ovens:

Furnaces are used to access the temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius and you will be surprised to know that there is no locking system when the device will be high temperature.  So it needs more care to use it as mentioned below:

  • Wear the gloves and stand to one side of the furnace as the door is opened.
  • Also use the lab coat and safety glasses.
  • Use the tong to load or unload the furnace.
  • Don’t left the devices over night. However oven is less destructive but it can also create a problem.
  • Do not test Furnaces and ovens with your finger firstly wear the gloves then touch the thing to remove or other process.


If you are using centrifuges first time then it becomes necessary to get adequate training before start to use. Irresponsibility while using it can cause an unattainable breakage.

  • It is quite necessary to fit the device into a locking system. To try to by-pass the lock when moving is a stupid and illegal activity.
  • Firstly balance the rotor before start to use the centrifuge.
  • Imbalance can crack the rotor.
  • Centrifuge tubes are used to access the required certain speed. So do not take the tubes at the high speed which is higher than the stated specifications.
  • It is essential to keep clean the centrifuge. Buckets and holders must be cleaned immediately after use.

Microwave digestion system:

  • Adequate training is essential to use Microwave digestion system
  • You have to add chemicals to the vessels in the fume cupboard.
  • Check the vessels are dry if not them remember vessel must be dry and free from particular matter otherwise it will absorb the energy of microwave.
  • Do not heat the liquid in sealed vessels.
  • If you don’t know about organic content and composition of the sample then do not try to digest the samples larger than 0.5 gms.
  • Do not warm high boiling point acids which are conc. Sulfuric or phosphoric into the digestion vessel.

So guys these were the general guidelines before using some equipments. Use only those equipments to which you are familiar and aware about the chemical risks.

Some other points to keep in mind:

  • Always wear the gloves before any kind of lab activity.
  • Tie back the long hair o prevent any accident.
  • Wash your hand before and after using the lab.
  • Avoid to attend the phone calls while working in laboratory.
  • Keep clean your working areas from any chemicals.

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