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Types of Heat Transfer

We all know that heat travels from a high temperature object to a lower temperature object. Based on First Law of Thermodynamics, heat transfer changes the internal energy of both systems. The most usable heat-transfer equipment is the ubiquitous shell and tube heat exchanger.

There are three ways to travel the heat:

  • Conduction
  • Convection
  • Radiation

Conduction: Exchange of thermal energy between physical systems is called heat transfer. It is the transfer of energy between the regions that are in contact. Heat conduction means movement and vibrations atoms and molecules interact with neighboring atoms. During this process atoms and molecules atoms also exchange their energy.


To move thermal energy from hot places to cold places, Convection is used. Convection occurs when areas of hot liquid or gas rise to cooler areas in the liquid or gas. It is the process of in which heat is transferred from one location to another. This process continues with the movement of fluids.


In Radiation heat is transferred through electromagnetic waves. Radiation can be done in any of the following:

  • Light,
  • Sound,
  • Waves,
  • Rays,
  • Flower Petals,
  • Wheel Spokes Or Pain

Radiation is sent out from the central location. In radiation involves the carrying of energy from an origin to the space surrounding it.

Radiation rate = k•T4

That means radiation is done in the form of electromagnetic waves. Rate of energy released is directly proportional to temperature. As we raised the temperature the objects become hotter proportional to that temperature. For a lab worker it must be in consideration to use all Heat Transfer Lab Equipment carefully. Low quality instruments may be hazardous so you must purchase high quality products from well known and certified Heat Transfer Lab Equipment Manufacturers.

For ex, heat of sun and heat released from the filament of bulb. So that for heat transfer, No mass is exchanged and no need of any medium is required for radiation.

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