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Top Scientists and their inventions

In India, there are a huge list of scientists whose works speak louder in the today’s world. There inventions are still alive and kicking.

Based on their excellent inventions they hit a home run. By using their principle, one can ace a test  in each and every field. Dr. Sohonie was the first Indian woman who got a Ph.D degree in a scientific discipline. But she cannot get a research fellowship, the reason was that she was a woman. Later Prof. CV Raman had given permission her for further experiments and research. Here we have mentioned the details about some top scientists and their inventions.

Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman:

Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, born in Madras Province got the Noble prize for Physics in 1930. He was the founder of the Raman effect. In 1954, he also received the Bharat Ratna.

Thomas Alva Edison:

This scientist was the American inventor and businessman who have invented the great things which are mostly used and are valuable for us. His developed devices comprise of the phonograph, the motion picture camera and light bulb.

Babylonians, Mayans and Indians:

All the three scientists are well known for the invention of zero. However, according to some researchers abylonians founded the Indian number system.

Charles Babbage:

This great scientist was a mechanical engineer and polymath programmable computer. He was popular as the father of the computer.

Some popular inventions and concepts

Aeroplane Wilbur and Orville Wright
 Camera  George Eastman
 Computer  Charles Babbage
 Clock  Christian Huygens
 Cloud computing  John McCarthy
 Diamond  Howard Tracy Hall
 Electricity  Benjamin Franklin
 Electron  Johnstone Stoney
 Radio  Gugliemo Marconi
 Radar  Heinrich Hertz
 Refrigerator  Oliver Evans
 Television  John Logie Baird

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