Wireless Network Coordinator Trainer

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Wireless Network Coordinator Trainer

Product Code: ACS007

Wireless Network Coordinator Trainer Manufacturer


  • Wireless Sensor Networking Development system
  • This package provides complete knowledge to
  • Design and deploy, Zig Bee protocol based low
  • Data rate wireless communication and remote
  • monitoring & control applications using sensors.
  • It enables you to learn about wireless sensor
  • networking concepts & topologies.
  • By using the powerful Xbee hardware tools you can
  • develop ZigBee based in-house tracking applications.
  • Zigbee software, Zig Bee Master Coordinator, Zig Bee End Devices
  • Sensor Modules:
  • Temp. sensor wireless module, Magnetic Sensor, Smoke Sensor
  • PIR Sensors (ceiling mount, indoor, outdoor, periphery etc)
  • Vibration & glass break sensor, IR Sensor, Product Manual/Sample
  • Application in CD Accessories (USB cable & RS232 cable)

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