Water-Water Heat Pump Test Rig

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Water-Water Heat Pump Test Rig

Product Code: AERA024

Water-Water Heat Pump Test Rig Manufacturer

Range Of Experiments

  • To observe the working principal of heat pump cycle.
  • To determine Actual cooling C.O.P, Carnot C.O.P., Theoretical C.O.P.,
  • Actual heating C.O.P., Relative C.O.P., Ton of Refrigeration Etc.
  • To determine the efficiency of the heat pump system.
  • Observe the working of refrigeration cycle also.

Experimental Setup :

  • Compressor : ½ Tone, Hermetically sealed compressor, Make Emmelsion – Coplend/equivalent.
  • Condenser : Coiled Tube Heat Exchanger acts as a condenser. Copper coil is merged in water tank to cool down the gas temp. Continuous water flow circulation is required to extract the heat of gases.
  • Expansion device : Thermostatic expansion valve.
  • Evaporator coil : Coiled Tube Heat Exchanger copper coil is merged in water tank to extract the heat from water tank. Same can be mentioned by electric heater.
  • Electric Heater : For Balancing refrigerating effect produced.
  • Rotameter : For measuring liquid flow of Refrigerant (Eureka Make ).
  • Energy Meter : One each for power measurement of compressor & heater.
  • Pressure Gauge : 2 Nos. for H.P., L.P. measurement
  • HP/LP cutout : 1 No. to suit compressor, Ranko/Equiv.
  • Service valve needle type : 1 No.
  • Thermostat : 1 No.
  • Suitable filter/drier Make Indfoss.

Control Panel :

  • 12 Channel Digital Temperature Indicator
  • Dimmerstat : 230 V. AC single phase for heating control
  • Main On/Off Switch.
  • Voltmeter : 0 – 250 V.
  • Ammeter : 0 – 15 A.
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