Water Heating Unit 6 Kw 95°C

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Product Code: APC025

Water Heating Unit 6 Kw 95°C Manufacturer

Water Heating Unit 6 Kw 95°C

Technical specifications

  • Heating element.
  • Power-driven pump, tank with level and overload relay.
  • Temperature controller with temperature and set point display.
  • Exhaust valve.
  • Manometer: 0 – 2 bars.
  • 2 temperature probes, one for the reactor double jacket inlet / the other for the product.
  • A panel for temperature control and pump protection.
  • A flow adjusting valve.
  • Flexible stainless steel hose with quick-connection fittings to connect the skid to the reactor
  • Flow: 1,5 m3/hr


  • 800 x 700 x 300 mm (on 4 wheels)

Essential requirements

  • Power supply : 380 V three phase – 50 Hz.
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