Three-Phase Add-On Motor Program With Options

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Three-Phase Add-On Motor Program With Options Manufacturer

Three-Phase Add-On Motors Program With Options

All of the rotating electrical machines and accessories required for a basic Electrical Power course are contained in the

Mini-Motors Laboratory. The equipment illustrated is the basic package,to which compatible motors, controllers, and accessories may be added.Bedplate:-Holds motors and generators securely during tests. Includes quick-connect coupling and shaft guards. DC Motor/Generator:- May be used as either motor or genera- tor; series, shunt, or compound. Series Field Rheostat:-Changes the degree of compounding of a DC generator

Dynamometer:- Measures torque in ounce-force inches in either direction. May also be used as DC motor or generator.

Synchronous :-Motor/Alternator Runs as a synchronous motor or oper- ates as a three-phase alternator when driven by AC or DC motor.

Multi-Function  Machine:- Runs as a split-phase; a capacitor start; a permanent-capacitor; or a two-capaci-tor motor.

Resistance Load:- Applies resistive load to generators and alternators.

Resistance/Reactance  Load:- Applies unity, lagging, or leading power factor load.

M Strobe-Tachometer

Measures speeds between 100 and 12,000 RPM

Digital Optical  Tachometer Measures speeds between 0 and 10,000 RPM with accuracy of 0.25% of actual speed.

Power and Metering

To satisfactorily perform the required experiments, the following power should be available:

•  Fixed 120V AC 1 2-wire 10A

• Fixed 208/120V AC 3 4-wire, 10A

• Variable 0-240/140V AC 3 4-wire, 9A

• Variable 0-150V DC, 1.0A, isolated,1% RMS

• Variable 0-125V DC, 5.0A, isolated, 1% RM

The following meters should also be avail- able:

• DC Voltmeter; 0-75/150V (2)

• DC Ammeter; 0-0.5/1.0/2.5/5.0A (2)

• AC Voltmeter; 0-150/300V

• AC Ammeter; 0-0.5/2/4/8A (2)

• AC Wattmeter; 0-150/300/600/1200W (2)


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