Vacuum Freeze Dryer

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Vacuum Freeze Dryer

Product Code: AEFT020

Vacuum Freeze Dryer Manufacturer


• A vacuum freeze dryer with a top loading working chamber 300mm in diameter and 385mm deep with refrigeration and heating, 210mm diameter refrigerated condenser chamber.
• The chambers have clear acrylic lids for process observation.
• The refrigerant is R507 (non CFC) and the condenser chamber no load temperature is -55°C.
• The working chamber has four mobile temperature probes.
• A membrane panel with touch sensitive switching and liquid crystal display controls refrigeration, vacuum pump, heating and defrost. A vacuum pump with a capacity of 150 litres/minute is provided.

Technical Specification

Condenser Chamber:
Ice capacity:
No load temp: -55°C

Working Chamber:
Heater rating:
Refrigerant: R507 (non CFC)

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