Unsymmetrical Cantilever Unit

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Unsymmetrical Cantilever Unit

Product Code: ASLE077

Unsymmetrical Cantilever Unit Manufacturer

Unsymmetrical Cantilever Unit

Specifications :-

Bench-top unit mounted on a structure of anodized aluminium profiles, with painted steel panel, and with legs.

The unit basically is formed by:

A main column, made in aluminium, (the vertical cantilever is clamped at its lower end to this main column to carry out the experiment).

A loading head, made in aluminium, located at the upper end of the column, which can rotate 180º at 15º intervals around the vertical axis of the beam.

Set of pulley, located at the loading head, to apply a horizontal load.

2 Dial gauges of 0-25 mm and 0.01 mm accuracy, to measure u v and  deflections.

2 Steel beams are supplied, one with rectangular section and the other one with L shape section.

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