Universal Testing Machine 50 KN

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Universal Testing Machine 50 KN Manufacturer

Universal Testing Machine 50 KN

The is an industrial design electro-mechanical testing machine with a capacity of 50 kN in traction and compression, adapted for the particular needs of engineering colleges, research and quality control.
Tests may be carried out as a function of speed, stress or strain.
The analogue/digital interface and the software provided with the EM550 form a complete package allowing control, data acquisition and analysis using a PC. The advanced, user-friendly software is presented in toolbox form that demands no particular programming knowledge.
Data analysis and presentation can be effected off-line. Data from current and previous runs may be transferred as ASCII files for use with spreadsheet and other software.

Teaching objectives

The universal test machine allows a wide range of tests, including :

  • Tension, compression and bending.
  • Standard specimen testing.
  • Cycling up to 1 Hz.
  • Creep testing.
  • Fretting and fatigue.
  • Assembly and structure tests

Technical specifications

  • Machine control through PC compatible microcomputer.
  • Dedicated interface card with simultaneous 4-channel capability (force, cross-head displacement, extension and additional analogue input).
  • Interface mounted in PC.
  • 12-bit data acquisition and control.
  • 0-50 kN tensile/compression load range.
  • 1,000 mm height under cross-head.
  • 400 mm column clearance.
  • 0.5 – 350 mm/mn cross-head speed.
  • 2 twin row recirculating ball screw drives.
  • Resolution of the displacement sensor : 0.01 mm.
  • Screen display of force and displacement.
  • DC motor with tachometric generator (or brushless induction motor, recommended for servo-driven creep testing).
  • Safety shield around test zone

Equipment Package :

We offer the following equipment :
Standard equipment

  • Universal testing machine of 50 kN capacity.
  • Analogue/digital interface.
  • Control and acquisition software.
  • Technical manual

Dimensions and weight

  • 700 x 600 x 1600 mm
  • 250 Kg

Essential requirements

Additional required equipment :

  • Strain-gauge load cells with capacities 50 kN.
  • Strain-gauge load cells with capacities 5 kN.
  • Set of 3X10 cylindrical test samples (Brass, Dural, steel).
  • We can offer the following precision extensometers.
  • LVDT induction extensometer Lo 25 to 200 mm dL 10 mm.
  • Strain gauge extensometer.
  • Other extensometers may be adapted for particular requirements.
  • Set of chuck grip 50 KN.
  • Set of wedge grip 50 KN.
  • Set of jaws flat 1X45° pyramid.
  • Set of V-jaws for round samples 4-12 mm.
  • Consult Deltalab for supply of special grips, compression platens, test ovens or for modifications and special adaptors.
  • PC computer.
  • Printer

Using Your Equipment

  • 230 V single phase, 50 Hz, 1 kW.
  • Personal computer, IBM compatible with RS232 free port
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