Universal Strut Apparatus

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Product Code: AEM020

Universal Strut Apparatus Manufacturer

Reversible hardened load blocks are provided so that the struts can be tested under the following conditions:

1. Both ends pinned.

2. Both ends fixed.

3. One end pinned, one end fixed.

Technical specifications

  • The apparatus has been designed to accommodate struts of suitable lengths within the range 400/800 mm.
  • The struts are rectangular in section, thus ensuring that the deflection occurs in a predetermined plane.
  • The load is applied to the strut by means of a spring balance and a loading beam.
  • The beam pivots on a nut which can be adjusted vertically so that the beam can be maintained in the horizontal position during loading, thus ensuring that a true axial load can be supplied throughout the test.
  • A light lateral load is applied to the strut to ensure the direction of deflection, the magnitude of which can then be measured by means of a dial indicator.
  • One set of struts for each end condition is supplied with the apparatus.
  • One set of masses.
  • Experiment manual

Optional equipments :

  • A set of load blocks, bushes and specimens are available to allow experiments to be conducted on round specimens.

Dimensions and weight

  • 880 x 580 x 1240 mm approx.
  • Net Weight : 56 kg.
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