Universal Penetrometer Apparatus

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Universal Penetrometer Apparatus

Product Code: 1.07.01/ATICO41005

Universal Penetrometer Apparatus Manufacturer


The unit is compact with in-built timer to control duration of penetration presetted in factory to 5 seconds. The instrument is provided with leveling screws.

Penetration Apparatus

Dial diameter                 :           150 mm
Graduated division        :           400
Spindle                         :           Frictionless

 Sample Container

No. of container            :           3

Dia x depth                   :           55mm x 35mm

Automatic Digital Timer

Timer switch type          :           Second, Minutes & Hour
Timer interval                 :           1/10th sec
Plunger                         :           Release with push of a button and automatically stop after the preset

Time duration


No. of cone                  :           3
Angle                            :           30°
Length                          :           35 mm
Weight of cone spindle  :           80 gm


No. of gauge                :           1
Hole dimension                         :           1.75 mm x 1.50 mm
(thick x dia)


Transfer Dish

No. of Dish                   :           1
Inside diameter              :           90 mm
Depth                           :           55 mm

Penetration Needle

No. of needle                :           5
Type                             :           Fully Hardened, tempered s. steel
Length x dia                  :           50 mm x 1.00 mm
Temper angle                :           8.7° ~ 9.7°



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