Twist And Bend Machine

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Twist And Bend Machine

Product Code: ASLE079

Twist And Bend Machine Manufacturer

Twist & Bend Machine, which allows to carry out both types of experiments.

Bench-top unit with structure made of anodized aluminum profiles, with painted steel panel.

It is mounted on 4 adjustable in height rubber legs.

It consists of two stainless steel guides of 800 mm, which allow to displace the supports in the whole range. This allows the student to carry out the  experiment of beams of different length.

4 Test pieces with circular section, of 8 mm diameter, of different materials (steel, aluminum, brass, bronze). They have marks every 50 mm to make  the measurement of the beam length easier.

7 Test pieces with different rectangular cross section made of stainless steel. They also have marks every 50 mm to make the measurement of the  beam length easier.

Dial gauge of 0-10 mm to measure the deformations with 0.01 mm. accuracy.

The elements required to perform the practical exercises are supplied:

Allen key of 3 mm to assemble the beams in the supports.

Set of weights adapted to the unit with special hooks for each type of experiment:

2 weights of 10 N.

4 weights of 5 N.


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