Torsion Unit

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Torsion Unit

Product Code: ASLE080

Torsion Unit Manufacturer

Torsion Unit


The unit is mounted on an anodized aluminum structure with painted steel panel.

The main frame is supported on aluminum blocks. The two guides are made of stainless steel, the rest of the components are aluminum.

The two guides of the unit on which the mobile clamp slides are for testing rods of different lengths.

Mobile clamp located at one end that has a crank in the bottom to adjust the test rod to the desired length. It is made of stainless steel.

Fixed clamp, consists of two bearings which allow it to turn. It has an arm on which the force is applied. It has a notch placed 60 mm from  the longitudinal axis of the test rod, to carry out the measurements. The dial gauge should be placed on this notch to properly measure the  deformation. The clamp is made of stainless steel.

Test rods: standard supply of 3 test rods: steel, brass and aluminum. They are 8 mm in diameter and 350 mm in length. They have marks

every 50 mm, to make the performance of practical exercises at different lengths easier.

A Dynamometer up to 10 Kg, with a 50 g accuracy, to apply the forces on the test rod.

A Dial gauge of 0- 10 mm, with 0.01 mm accuracy, to measure the deformation of the test rod subjected to the force

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