Three-Hinged Arch Unit

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Three-Hinged Arch Unit

Product Code: ASLE082

Three-Hinged Arch Unit Manufacturer

Three-Hinged Arch Unit

Specifications :-

Anodized aluminum structure.

Diagram in the front panel with similar distribution to the elements in the real unit.

The unit includes:

Three arch segments to produce a symmetrical or unsymmetrical three-hinged arch:

2 long segments (they make a symmetrical arch together). Length of each long segments: 500 mm. Total arch length: 1000 mm.

1 short segment (it makes an unsymmetrical arch together with one long segment). Length of the short segment: 250 mm. Total arch

length: 750 mm.

Arch height: 250 mm.

Three hinges:

1 crown hinge.

2 abutment hinges at the bearing points.

One arch bridge deck allows for unrestricted positioning of the loads along the arch span.

Set of weights with deflection rollers to compensate for the support reactions of an abutment hinge:

18 x 5N.

36 x 1N.

It includes four 1 N weight holder and a moving load with joining link, which can be dismantled to produce two point loads of different magnitude (10N+20N).

Two bearings to support the left hand hinge.


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