Thin Cylinder Unit

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Thin Cylinder Unit

Product Code: ASLE089

Thin Cylinder Unit Manufacturer

Thin Cylinder Unit


The thin cylinder unit and hand operated pump are mounted on a bench-top base plate.

A thin wall tube contains two pistons.

The first piston is located axially; it extends beyond the end of the tube and is drilled to suit a pressure gauge and a high pressure flexible

rubber hose connecting the hand operated pressure pump to the unit. This piston also has an in-built pressure relief valve. The oil from the relief valve returns to the pump reservoir connection by means of flexible pipe.

The second piston is free to move axially within the tube, but its travel outwards is limited by a plate and end-cap.

The cylinder unit which is resting on the four pins is supported on a frame and located axially by a fixed stop and an adjustable stop.

Maximum test pressure: 40 bar.

Technical data about the thin cylinder unit:3

Reservoir Capacity: 75 cm

Recommended oil: Castor oil.

Pressure gauge (Manometer): 0-50 bar.

Pre-set relief valve setting: 450psi approx.

Cylinder material: Aluminium alloy.

Strain gauges: Foil type.

Gauge Factor: 2.0

Six active strain gauges are cemented onto the cylinder to allow the measurement of surface strains at various angles, and other six  temperature compensating gauges are cemented to a plate.

With the unit is supplied a strain gauges console with selector for the different strain gauges. The measurement of the selected gauge is  shown in a display. The reading visualized in the display gather the compensation due to temperature.



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