Tall Form Spray Dryer and Chiller

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Tall Form Spray Dryer and Chiller

Product Code: AEFT044

Tall Form Spray Dryer and Chiller Manufacturer

Tall Form Spray Dryer and Chiller


• Available as a Spray Dryer or as a Spray Chiller.
• Accessory sets are available to quickly change from drying to spray chilling
• Tall Form chamber straight side to diameter ratio of 3:1, conical discharge section
• Advanced 2-fluid nozzle atomisation system
• Supplied with optional nozzle configurations for counter- and co-current atomising Individual inlet and exhaust fans with variable speed control
• Bag filter and trace heating options
• Flexible controls and full instrumentation provided in the IP65 control console
• Easily dismantled for inspection and cleaning purposes
• Compact, mobile design
• Data logging facility for all key operational parameters
• Powder discharges from two points, chamber and cyclone
• Low noise levels
• Control & measurement of relative humidity
• Spark arrester on input and enhanced safety extraction fan.


  • No clogging, no need for de-blocking devices
  • Co-current flow for drying heat sensitive products
  • Counter-current flow maximises chamber residence time for non-heat sensitive products
  • Residence times in the drying cylinder variable up to nine seconds
  • Easy connections to electrical and compressed air utilities
  • Data recording to computer speeds evaluation and comparison.

Unit Specification

Liquid feed:
2-7l/h from variable speed progressive cavity pump
Air flow: Up to 30scfm, using variable speed fans in ‘push-pull’ configuration
Chamber residence times: Variable up to nine seconds
Powder collection points: Separate chamber and cyclone discharge points
Atomisation nozzles: 2-fluid type

Spray Drying
Electric Air Heater:
Drying Air Temperature: 50 – 250°C
Evaporation Rates: 1.5 – 3l/h
Typical Particle Size Range: 20 – 120 microns

Spray Chilling
Air Temperature:
2°C min
(Note: not all parameters are necessarily achievable simultaneously)

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