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Teaching objectives

This system covers a wide range of themes which can be developed.

  • Management of the intense currents.
  • Temperature control.
  • Electrchemistry.
  • Handling of pieces.
  • Automatic.
  • Study of a system with different technologies.
  • Goods and people security.
  • Maintenance of an automated system.

Technical specifications

A) Operative part:

It is composed of a mobile frame, including:

  • Chemical oil cleaning station.
  • Rinsing station.
  • Acid dipping station.
  • Acid zinc plating station.
  • Horizontal translation motor.
  • Vertical translation motor.
  • Jib crane.
  • Retention tank.
  • Filtering block.
  • Electrical cabinet.
  • Transparent safety guard of the working area.
  • Ventilation hood
  • The handling of the jib cranes in the 2 axes Y and Z (horizontal and vertical) is made with a speed of displacement of about 0,2 m/s.
  • Temperature control of the chemical oil cleaning bath by waves-train and static relays.
  • The feeding of the electrolytic zinc plating bath is made by a current generator of 0-10 A with controlled direct current.
  • Supply of the current generator from the single phase network.
  • Display of tension and current.

B) Operative part:

An electrical cabinet integrating:

A compact PLC with analogical inputs/outputs and TOR, PID regulation, 2 interfaces of communication.
A interactive exploitation dialog terminal with 2 display lines. 20 characters. communication with the PLC on the serial line, UNI-TELWAY protocol, 12 keys function keyboard.

10 service keys and 12 numerical keys.
Programming made on several application pages and alarms pages.
The power supply and people protection devices : differential circuit-breaker, contactors. fuses, transformer.
Current generator for the electrolytic zinc plating bath.

Technical Functions : 

The PLC assures the following functions:

  • Management of 5 positions on the Y axis in order to ensure the operations of chemical oil cleaning, rinsing, acid dipping, rinsing and zinc coating.
  • Management of 2 positions on axis (high and low).
  • Temperature control of the chemical oil cleaning bath.
  • Manual run.

Protection Of People And Environment :

  • Aspiration of steams above all the tanks.
  • No waste to the sewage, the wasted baths will be reconditioned in delivery cans of and sent to approved centres for the treatment.
  • The sounding environment is distinctly lower to 70db.
  • People security by the transparent surrounding wall locked wit a key.
  • Auto-control of the door sensor by a security box.

Essential requirements

  • Electric power supply : 3 x 380V + N + E. 16A.
  • Sanitary water supply.
  • Outside joining for draining of the noxiousness steams by 3m flexible hose.
  • Inside Diameter 150 mm.

Dimensions and weight

  • Length 2,4m width 0,69 m.
  • Height without the hood 1,7 m.
  • Height with the hood 2,25 m.
  • Weight 326 kg.
  • Resonant level < 70 dB(A).


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