Stressmaster Polariscope

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Product Code: AEM024

Stressmaster Polariscope Manufacturer

Teaching objectives

  • The Stressmaster polariscope can be utilised for the programmed learning of photoelastic principles.

Technical specifications

The facilities offered with the Stressmaster polariscope cover the study of both isoclinics and isochromatics, as well as the measurement of fractional fringe orders by the Senarmont or Tardy methods.
A wide variety of model shapes can be analysed using the table-top polariscope. Photoelastic models, produced in Photoflex material, may be loaded in tension, compression or bending to suit analytical requirements. The loaded models can be viewed in white light or, alternatively, in an approximate monochromatic light by simply swinging a green filter into the polarising field.

    Model loading on the Stressmaster polariscope is made by means of a deadweight system, utilising various attachments for tensile, compressive and bending loads, as shown. Optical Field : 152mm diameter. A wooden cover is provided for enclosure of the polariscope when the unit is not in use. Standard model shapes include beams, tension members, discs and hooks. A standard set of six photoelastic models is supplied, together with step-by-step instructions and experimental results.

Dimensions and weight

  • Width:305mm; Length: 380mm; Height: 310mm
  • Unit Weight : 9Kg
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