Stereo Inspection Scope

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Stereo Inspection Scope

Product Code: SM-004

Stereo Inspection Scope Manufacturer

Stereo Inspection Scope

Stereo Inspection Scope is with a specially wide field of viewing. It can from a clear and sharp image with a strong stereo sense of sight be comfortably viewed and conveniently operated. It is widely used in all kinds of field such as biology, anatomizing, electronic industry, mineral, investigation, inspection, etc. This improve operator’s working efficiency and makes operators no longer suffer the strain of eye, neck and back due to the humanistic design. It is highly recommendable for electronic industry. Stereo image, rotary turrent can together fix 3 pieces of objectives with magnification 4x, 8x, and 12x to work, wide field view and long working distance make the observation more easy and joyful. Advanced optical technology allows operators freedom of head movement for superbergonomics and hand-eye-co-ordination, with the ability to wear glasses if required. Operators can increase productivity and improve quality.



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