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Spray Dryer

Product Code: AEFT043

Spray Dryer Manufacturer

• Bench mounted Spray Drier for processing aqueous emulsions, solutions, suspensions and colloids.
• Downward co-current operation (a fine jet of the liquid is brought into contact with a hot air stream).
• Incorporates integral set de-blocking device.
• Product flow rate: 0-1500ml/hr
• Air inlet temperature: 200°C max.
• Heater capacity: 3kW
• Drying air throughflow: 70m3/hr (fixed).


The all glass construction and design of the spray assembly minimises any possible contamination and will produce a free flowing, near spherical powder. In the spray drying process the product is introduced in liquid form and emerges as a dry, fine powder. Thermal shock is minimal.

The process may be used for Powder Coating (agglomeration) where the fine product is adhered together into small balls with the aid of filmogen. Other processes where spray drying is found to be successful are Micro Encapsulation and Englobulation.

The spray drier can be used for the following applications in the food industry:

  • beveragesfish extracts
  • fish extractsheat sensitive materials
  • heat sensitive materialsmilk and egg products
  • milk and egg product
  • scereals
  • plant and vegetable extracts

A fine jet of the liquid to be dried is brought into contact with a hot air stream. This evaporates the spray moisture and carries the solid particles into the cyclone separator. The solids are collected in a sample jar at the base of the cyclone and the exhaust vapour is directed to the outside atmosphere, or fume/dust extractor.

Technical Details

The unit is supplied complete; ready for operation.

Materials of construction:
Cabinet: all steel, coated with hard chemical resistant finish
Drier components: glass with gasket free ground glass flanges

Control panel includes:

  • digital controller and display of inlet temperaturedigital display of outlet temperature
  • digital display of outlet temperaturerotary knob to control pump speed
  • rotary knob to control pump speedon/off switches for the blower, heater and mains supply
  • on/off switches for the blower, heater and mains supplypilot lights positioned in the panel indicate specific operations to be illustrated.
  • pilot lights positioned in the panel indicate specific operations to be illustrated.

Product flow rate: variable from 1500ml/hr
Air inlet temperature range: up to 200°C
Heater capacity: 3kW
Jet size: 0.5mm

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