Simple Balancing Unit

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Simple Balancing Unit

Product Code: ASLE088

Simple Balancing Unit Manufacturer

Simple Balancing Unit


Bench-top unit mounted on a structure made of anodized aluminum profiles, with a painted steel panel and with legs.

All the elements of the unit are made of aluminum, stainless steel and treated steel.

This unit has:

An electrical motor with variable speed which can reach 8300 r.p.m.

It has a transmission through pulley and a belt from the motor to the shaft.

An aluminum external disc, that we will name Graduated disc. It has a diameter of 150 mm. The disc have drills to proceed, through

fixing the masses, to the system destabilization and then to its subsequent balancing.

The unit is completed with a set of sector masses and weights to do the practices.

Auxiliary module for the electrical supply and the motor control. At its back, there are connections and at its front part it has a potentiometer to control the speed of the motor.



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