Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

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Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Product Code: AEHT032A

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Manufacturer

Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

  • A miniature shell and tube heat exchanger for use with Heat Exchanger Service Unit.
  • Comprises an outer shell and seven internal tubes. There are two transverse baffles inside the shell.
  • Four temperature sensors are supplied in tappings at fluid inlets and outlets.
  • The heat exchanger is constructed from stainless steel tube and clear acrylic. It is mounted on a PVC baseplate which is designed to be installed on the plinth of the Heat Exchanger Service Unit without the need for tools.
  • The stainless steel tubes can be removed from the heat exchanger for cleaning.
  • A comprehensive instruction manual is included.
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