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Product Code: AEEE003

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The system include:

  • 1 dual-belting conveyor of width 150 mm and length 1500 mm for the 1st belting and 1000mm for the 2nd belting, with gear motor 220V.
  • 1 frame of about 1800 mm length and 800 mm large and 400 mm height in aluminium section.
  • 1 control desk with support in aluminium section 500X400X 400 mm.
  • Sensors of different technologies and additional deficient sensors.
  • Technical documentation and electric diagram.

The Control Desk : 

  • Control desk in aluminium section to place on a working table including .
  • 1 desk.
  • 1 rotating button with 3 positions according to the type of connection (Asi, terminal, ” Harting “).
  • 1 emergency stop button with key.
  • 1 green light push-button for cycle start.
  • 1 black light push-button for cycle end.
  • 1 switch with 2 positions for drainage.
  • 1 PLC TSX37-22.
  • 1 dialogue desk Magelis.
  • 1 transformer 220V /24V.
  • 1 motor circuit breaker and motor contactor.
  • 1 ON/Off switch with power cable 220V.
  • The ” Harting ” type sockets.
  • The switches to simulate the sensors.

The Operative Part:

  • The Operative Part in aluminium section to place on the working table including .
  • 1 dual-belting conveyor of width 150 mm and length 1500 mm for the 1st belting intended to the small boxes and those of other material than iron, and 1000 mm for the 2nd belting intended to the big boxes, with gear motor 220V.
  • 1 tray with 4 notches motorized by 1 gear motor 24V.
  • 1 switchgear between the belting 1 and the belting 2 of the conveyor actuated by 1 gear motor 24V.
  • 3 storage areas of the handled pieces.
  • Storage area of the big boxes made of iron.
  • Storage area of the small boxes.
  • Storage area of the other boxes that in iron or scrap.

The Sensors

  • 9 different technology sensors of which 2 deficent sensors.
  • 1 position switch situated on the tilted guidance rail for the starting up of the conveyors.
  • 1 inductive sensor special ” ferrous materials ” at the input of the conveyor used for the ulterior switching.
  • 1 capacitive sensor ” special jamming on the conveyor ” temporised on the conveyor before the tray.
  • 1 analogical proximity sensor at the conveyor’s input for the detection of the height of the boxes.
  • 1 inductive sensor situated on the cam of the 24V motor of the tray.
  • 1 inductive sensor situated on the cam of the switchgear motor 24V toward the 2nd conveyor’s belting (big boxes).
  • 1 photoelectric sensor for the detection of the ” high ” pieces at the output of the 2nd conveyor’s belting.
  • 1 reflex sensor with reflector at the output of the 2 conveyors.
  • 1 optic fibber with amplifier for the detection of the ” low ” pieces at the output of the 1st conveyor’s belting.
  • 1 capacitive sensor situated on the vat used for the boxes others that in iron.
  • 2 deficient sensors (1 inductive and 1 position switch).
  • 1 sensors and actuators connection interface of the system, that will be connected to the control cabinet module, either by ” Harting ” type connectors, either through the “double I/O terminals” on the control desk.
  • It interfaces includes 1 padlocked cabinet, in which the actuators and sensors are connected by terminals to facilitate the change of sensors for example.

Software :

The programming software Micro and its cable, as well as the XBTL programming software for the Magelis and its cable are provided with the bench.

Option :

  • ASI : The ASI option can be integrated to the control desk include .
  • 1 ASI card, 1 ASI cable, 1 ASI power supply.
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