Rising Film Evaporator

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Rising Film Evaporator

Product Code: AEFT013

Rising Film Evaporator Manufacturer


• Nominal throughput only 10l/h
• Single tube heat exchanger
• Integral CIP system
• Integral control console
• Computer linked for data logging and analysis


  • Small quantities of liquid products can be concentrated
  • Easily cleaned and maintained
  • Low product usage eases the disposal of waste

    Unit Specifications

    Evaporator tube length: 1.36m
    Heat transfer area: 0.06m2
    Max. evaporation rate: 10l/h
    Max. steam consumption: 15 kg/hr
    Max. steam pressure (working): 1.7 bar
    Condenser area: 0.17m2
    Feed tank capacity max.: 30 litres
    Concentrate collecting tank capacity: 5 litres
    Condensate collecting tank capacity: 5 litres
    CIP Pump (flexible impeller): 8l/m @ 20ft H20
    System vacuum: 225mm Hg abs (increased when pump heads in series)

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