Refrigerant Charging Scale

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Refrigerant Charging Scale

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO55467

Refrigerant Charging Scale Manufacturer


  • Range of weight 0.000-30.000kg
  • Accuracy ±0.1% of reading
  • Resolution 1g / 0.003lb / 0.04oz
  • Unit kg / lb/oz
  • Power supply 9VDC
  • Operation Temperature 32°F To 113°F(0°C To 45°C)
  • Platform size 8-3/4”x8-3/4” (223mmx223mm)
  • Batter life 30 Hours continuous Use
  • Weight 2.485kg (5.47oz)


  • Used For Refriegerant Charging
  • Portable Carrying Case
  • High Capacity
  • High Accuracy
  • High-Visibility
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