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Product Code: APM001

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Screen size: 30 x 20 cm. The ideal tool to study projectile motion. An ideal demonstrator showing that motion in different planes are independent of each other. The Projectile Launcher not only illustrates this non-intuitive idea, but it can be used to describe the exact motion of the projectile as well. Having seven different launch angles (in 15° increments) from 0° to 90°, it gives you the option of horizontal and variable angle launching positions. The Projectile Launcher is designed with safety in mind, having our four setting spring mechanism fully enclosed. Each of the four launch positions are released by means of a simple arm release mechanism which ensures minimal contact and hence repeatable launches time and time again. Our unique piston design means that we have minimized projectile spin so that we can ensure the highest accuracy in hitting the exact stop each time. Also featured is a sturdy bench top clamp which can be rigidly secured to any table surface to ensure repeatable results each time the projectile is launched. Our launcher can also be fitted with photogates, which allows precise Calculations of launch velocities, acceleration and for “monkey and hunter” experiments. With the help of a simple digital camera and a motion analysis software, it is also possible to study the motion in great detail.

Components :

  • Millimetred sheet (5x)
  • Carbon sheet (5x)
  • Projectile Launcher Assembly
  • Stainless Steel Sphere (2x)
  • Landing Base

Laws and Principles Investigated :

  • Projectile motion
  • Decomposition of motions
  • Acceleration of gravity
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