Programmable Logic Controller (SIEMENS PLC) Trainner

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Product Code: ACS005

Programmable Logic Controller (SIEMENS PLC) Trainner Manufacturer

  • Input-simulation switches function as level and pulse Input for different input signal.
  • Installation of output relay helps to increase load current.
  • Easy-to-use windows-based development software
  • With various peripheral devices and other devices that support external extensions,
  • particularly suiting laboratory experiment and project implementation
  • Equipped with various simulations I/O devices for studying and observing the results
  • Use 4mm safety sockets Input/Output terminals to ensure users physical safety
  • Easy to carry, move and store with a suitcase design.


Since PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) was first introduced in 1970, it has been widely applied to various industrial uses such as machine and process controls. Designed with the latest microprocessor and electronic circuitry, today’s compact-size PLCs provide the features of high reliability, high performance, high speed and networking. The use of PLCs in automated production lines enhances system reliability, product quality, information sharing, efficiency and flexibility and thus reduces costs.

Programmable Logic Controller (SIEMENS PLC) Trainer is a self-contained trainer which consists of a SIEMENS PLC main unit and commonly used I/O devices for simulation. It offers students excellent theories and wide applications of programmable logic controllers. The trainer enables students to learn step by step from the fundamentals of PLC to more advanced controls used in industry.

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