Process Vessel Accessory

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Product Code: AEPC004

Process Vessel Accessory Manufacturer

The addition of the process vessel allows more complex process control problems to be addressed, including remote set point demonstrations. Again these all take place with the repeatability advantages that electronic and software control brings.

Single loops in combination: 

  • Conductivity control of reactor contents by varying flow-rate of one component  Temperature control of reactor contents by varying heating fluid
  •  Temperature control of reactor contents by varying heating fluid flow-rate 
  • Temperature control of heating fluid by varying heater power

Remote setpoint control: 

  • Ratio control of two flows (Fig 1)
  •  Cascade control of conductivity and flow (Fig 2)
  •  Feedforward control of flow to flow
  •  Feedforward control of flow combined with feedback control of conductivity  


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