Pressure Homogeniser

We are leading manufacturer and suppliers of Pressure Homogeniser. Now accepting bulk orders for government tenders around the globe.


Product Code: AEFT007

Pressure Homogeniser Manufacturer

Pressure Homogeniser


• Specially developed, double action ‘Stellite’ homogenising valve, eliminates the need for multiple valve heads
• Hardened stainless steel cylinder block, valve and piston
• Positive displacement piston
• Integral electric motor drive
• Homogeniser index less than 5%
• Rapid throughput, 45 litres per hour


Unit Specifications

Throughput: 45l/h
Operating Pressure: Up to 70 bar (1015psi)
Pressure Gauge: 0 to 300
Feed Hopper Capacity: 4.5 litres
Homogenisation Index: 5.0% for whole milk

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