Positives Pressure Module

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Positives Pressure Module

Product Code: AECR028

Positives Pressure Module Manufacturer

Positives Pressure Module


Positive Pressure Module is designed for ambient clean down. These modules are available in a variety of models such as ceiling suspended, table top, wall mounted and floor standing models. The modules have capacities range from 150 CFM to 1500 CFM. We offer modules of different capacities, while the larger modules are intended for use in production areas, the smaller and more compact units used to reduce considerably the overall biologic and non biologic airborne particulate activity level. These are especially used in microbiological laboratories, intensive care area in hospitals, conference rooms and homes with convalescents. The Positive Pressure Modules are available in different Material of Construction such as Wooden Laminated, GI with PU coated finish, Stainless Steel etc.

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