Portable Pressure Meter (0-140m Bar)

We are leading manufacturer and suppliers of Portable Pressure Meter (0-140m Bar). Now accepting bulk orders for government tenders around the globe.

Portable Pressure Meter (0 - 2000mBar)

Product Code: AEHM031B

Portable Pressure Meter (0-140m Bar) Manufacturer



Measuring Range: 0 – 140mBar (0 – 99.99mmHg) Units (selectable): mBar, mmHg, psi, in H2O, in Hg, kPa, cm H2O, kgcmm-2 Resolution: 0.1mBar (0.01mmHg) Accuracy: +/-0.2% of full scale Repeatability: +/-0.1% of full scale Maximum overpressure: 400 mBar Temperature range: 0 – 50°C Humidity range: 10 – 90% RH non-condensing Protection: Dust and waterproof to IP67 Fluid compatibility: Silicon protection for use with water without sensor corrosion Connections: 1/8 inch BSP parallel female with adapter to 6mm/ 9mm flexible tubing  

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