Pneumatic and Electro pneumatic Trainer Kit

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Pneumatic and Electro pneumatic Trainer Kit

Product Code: 1.06.01/ATICO75651

Pneumatic and Electro pneumatic Trainer Kit Manufacturer


This versatile equipment is designed to have integrated hands-on training aid for students to have basic principles of pneumatics and compressed air devices. This unit allows for the bread boarding of numerous pneumatic circuits to illustrate a wide selection of pneumatic circuits along with the associated lab.This system comes with Manual and instructor guide. This creates a learning experience that provides a complete and practical introduction to pneumatic technology.


The setup includes Compressor: To convert available power from electric motor or internal combustion engine to pneumatic power at the actuator.

  • Valves: To control the direction of air flow to the actuators.
  • Pressure and flow control valves: To control the level of power.
  • Actuator: To convert potential energy of the compressed air.
  • Connectors: To link the various systems components.


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