Plug Flow Reactor (Straight Tube Type )

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Plug Flow Reactor (Straight Tube Type )

Product Code: AECR003

Plug Flow Reactor (Straight Tube Type ) Manufacturer

Plug Waft Reactor (Straight Tube Kind)

Plug Flow Reactor also known as continuous tubular reactor, CTR, or piston flow reactors. This reactor predicts the behavior of chemical Reactors. PFR has two operation modes which are rating and design mode. In first mode, you can calculate the conversion after specifying the volume. In the second mode you can calculate the volume after specifying the  conversion.


  • Sponification Response Learn about in straight tube Plug Go with the flow Reactor.
  • To resolve Response Fee Consistent

Utilities Required

  • Water Provide & Drain
  • Devices, Laboratory Glassware and Chemical substances required for prognosis as per the device adopted
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