Photoelasticity Unit

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Photoelasticity Unit

Product Code: ASLE090

Photoelasticity Unit Manufacturer

Photoelasticity Unit


Unit for photoelasticity practices, illustrating the subjects of the Photoelasticity theory, the Elasticity theory, Strength of Materials, and Structure  theory.

It is very suitable for the introduction and study of photoelasticity: optical elements, isochromatic, isoclinic, band order, band factor, edge  tensionsing, etc.

Using this unit photoelastic experiments and practices of transparent test specimens (models) may be performed.

The different test specimens are subjected to loading by external forces and have poralised light shone through them.

A load application element can apply tensile, bending, compressive, and distributed and punctual loads to the specimen.

The stresses and strains occurring in the test specimen are represented as bright spots or figures of different colours, and we can visualise the  distribution of stress.



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