Oil Extraction Screw Press

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Oil Extraction Screw Press

Product Code: AEFT016

Oil Extraction Screw Press Manufacturer

Typical throughput data for various seeds is shown below.

First Press Second Press
Seed Pre-treatment Throughput
% Oil in cake Throughput
(1st press in cake)
% Oil in cake
Sunflower Clean 35/40 15/28 40 12
Rape Clean 35/40 17/20 40 13
Linseed Clean 28 20 40 40 12
Copra Clean and break to 10/12mm pieces 40 30 40 12
Palm Kernels Clean and grind to 8 mesh P35/40 20 35 12
Macadamia Kernels Clean 30 (60% kernels/40% cake) 20/24 30 14/16

Technical Details

Screw press, having barrel constructed from separate cast rings spaced apart by shims. 60mm diameter bore, 155mm drainage length with single piece wormshaft driven at the discharge end through a single reduction helical gearbox. Complete with feed hopper, manual feed chute, oil discharge chute and suitable base plate. Includes: one 4kW, 4 pole motor, 1440 rpm with a starter including two pulleys and three belts to give a 2.35:1 reduction

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